Governor McDonnell’s DSS/Arlington DHS Kidnaps and Condemns Foster Child to Inadequate Care and a Life Without Her Loving Family

10 May

Which of the following pictures illustrates how Governor McDonnell’s DSS/Arlington DHS thinks foster children should live?

<<<=== This?

or This ===>>>>

Believe it or not, this 12 year old child, baptized Ashlie Mae O’Brien, is forced to live like the picture on the left….She has not been allowed to keep enough clothes to fill a washing machine.   She has been forced to live in an overpopulated house that is a licensed daycare center, where her “room” was in an unprotected overheated crawlspace in the attic.   She has not been given regular access to a computer to do her homework.   She has been denied access to a cell phone — not even one limited to calling 911 in an emergency.   She has been forced to take a taxi to school, because the Arlington CPS would not place her within walking distance of her school.   She has been completely isolated, and is bared from speaking to her Mormon family (not even a supervised phone call) even though federal guidelines specifically provide that she should be allowed contact with them.  School officials refuse to listen to her concerns and fail to report the abuse and neglect she has reported.  Meanwhile, the CPS workers who oversee her case drive fancy cars and wear expensive designer clothes, and go home to their families at night.

Contrast this third world life affluent Arlington CPS forces upon her — where bare essentials are not even provided — to the life she could have with her loving Mormon family in Maryland — at no expense to the taxpayers of Virginia or Maryland!   She is being denied living with her loving Mormon family where she would be just a five minute walk from school, in an upscale safe neighborhood, and a loving grandmother/Maryland Circuit Court appointed guardian who she loves dearly and has taken care of her since the day she was born.  She would have free access to her sister, her mother, and her step father, and, of course, her dog.      Unlike the Arlington CPS, her family has never neglected her or abused her.     Yet, Arlington CPS and her GAL have fought to oppose her having this better life.   Why?

They oppose her having the better live for spite and retaliation because Ashile Mae O’Brien exposed the unlawful actions of the Arlington CPS.  It is being done to silence her so that the Arlington CPS workers and her GAL’s abuses are not exposed.    It is being done for profit.   It is being done to be vindictive, and not for the best interests of Ashlie Mae O’Brien.  It is being accomplished through a conspiracy of silence of CPS and court workers who know that this is going on, but say nothing and don’t report it for fear they will lose their jobs.

Show your support for brave Ashlie Mae O’Brien.   Call or email to express your outrage at the mistreatment of Ashlie Mae O’Brien by the Arlington Child Protective Services/Department of Human Services.   Demand that she be reunited with her Mormon family.

Be an avenging angel for good, speak up for Ashlie, because  she is not allowed to speak up for herself.   Let them know, and tweet this blog entry to let others do the same:

Jason McCandless (Lead County Attorney persecuting Ashlie Mae O’Brien). 703 228-3045; 571 329-4817;
Karen Grane (Court appointed GAL, who is supposed to represent Ashlie Mae O’Brien’s “best interests” (not)): 703 875-2083;
Susanne Eisner, Director, Arlington Department of Human Services (oversees CPS that neglects and abuses Ashlie), 703-228-1300,,
Arlington County Board,
Congressman James Moran,  Email, (202) 225-4376
Governor Bob McDonnell,, (804) 786-2211
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cucinnelli,
US Attorneys Office, Eastern  Virginia, email, (703) 299-3700,
Arlington Virginia LDS Mormon Ward (part of McLean Stake)
 703-536-4545 (Office)

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