Arlington CPS Seeks to Destroy the Evidence — Taking Ashlie from Her Loving Family

9 May
Courthouse in Clarendon Arlington County, Virg...

Courthouse in Clarendon Arlington County, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We understand that the Arlington County CPS continues its abusive pursuit of Ashlie, who was a victim of an assault by a Sheriff’s deputy in the public waiting room of the Arlington Courthouse on December 7, 2011.   Ashlie has disclosed publicly  the abuse she received in that incident and while under the care and custody of Arlington CPS.   No Sheriff’s deputy was prosecuted for that abuse.   We now understand that Arlington CPS wants to silence her forever by taking her permanently from her loving family in Montgomery County, Maryland.  They will be taking her in for reprogramming to try to make her forget her mistreatment by Arlington — so the evidence is gone.  Sound illegal?   It sure sounds like “witness tampering.”

Who will stand up for justice?  Who will stop this abuse of power?   We call on all of those who believe in family values to stand up for this child and protect her.   Time is running out.

Here is the Contact Information To Express Your Concern for the Mistreatment of Ashlie:

Jason McCandless (Lead County Attorney vs. Ashlie). 703 228-3045; 571 329-4817;
Karen Grane (Court appointed GAL, who is supposed to represent Ashlie’s interests): 703 875-2083;
Susanne Eisner, Director, Arlington Department of Human Services (oversees CPS), 703-228-1300,,
Arlington County Board,



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