Police Confirm that Foster-Child Hero/Dissident Ashlie Mae O’Brien Is Safe with Her Family

4 May

The Fairfax County police have updated the status of the Arlington foster care “dissident” and hero, Ashlie Mae O’Brien.  She had escaped house arrest of the Arlington CPS.   They had hidden her away from her loving Mormon family in a doorless attic room in a dangerously overpopulated daycare center/home in Mount Vernon.

The Fairfax County police statement is as follows:

May 4, 2012: Mount Vernon Police District – Police have determined that Ashlie O’Brien is in the custody of a family member. The investigation is ongoing and no charges have been placed at this time.

Congratulations to Ashlie, and kudos to the pro-family Mount Vernon Police for calling it right! Maybe this will become the beginning of the end of this nightmare for this 13 year old child, so that she can permanently return to live with her loving Mormon family in peace.

Shame on the antifamily Arlington County CPS, Arlington County Attorney (who represents them), and the Arlington JDR Courts for having put Ashlie Mae O’Brien through this torture.

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