Ashlie Appears to Have Escaped Danger of Arlington CPS and Its Religious Persecution

3 May

The media reported on May 2, 2012 that Ashlie has escaped from a Fairfax home where Arlington CPS involuntarily held her to isolate her from her loving  family after having mismanaged her case, and tried to destroy her family.     Although other news sources stated that she was in danger, it is hard to imagine her being in more danger than she was before her recent escape from “house arrest” by Arlington CPS.

While in Arlington CPS care, she was beaten by a Sheriff ‘s deputy in full view of many witnesses in a public hallway on the 4th floor of the Arlington County Courthouse, and then denied medical care as part of the coverup.   [The Sheriff’s deputy was not prosecuted, but instead the Arlington prosecutor went after the witnesses, and refused to release the videotapes of her beating. ]   While in their custody, Arlington CPS allowed a Maryland detective to subject her to a grueling interrogation  without representation of counsel and while a host of others watched and said nothing.

Online research, which includes court documents, also reveals that the Arlington CPS systematically isolated her from her loving Mormon family, and  effectively isolated her from the Mormon church.   They also successfully fought to deny her the right to her own attorney, denied her the right to communicate with her family (not even by phone), and denied her Mormon family access to her medical and educational records — while chastising the family for not consenting to medical and educational decisions (which would have clearly been uninformed).  A taxpayer-funded GAL routinely misrepresented her interests before the Court, and appeared to vindictively make every effort to keep her from returning to her Mormon family.     The details of the misdeeds are many, and the abuse by the Arlington CPS extensive.

Arlington Family Court Judge Varoutsos was overseeing her case.   She wrote a note (see handwritten note) to him pleading for a new GAL to represent her interests where she disclosed the abuse she was subjected to while under Arlington CPS custody.  Rather than helping her, Judge Varoutsos was duped into going along with Arlington CPS efforts to further isolate her from her Mormon family, rather than reuniting them.

Despite appeals to the Arlington County Board, the Arlington County Manager, and other local representatives, they have all failed to take any action to date to protect Ashlie.

Her case is now before Arlington Circuit Court Judge Newman, who hopefully will wisely see through the coverup shenanigans of the tag-team of the Arlington CPS, her GAL, and the Arlington County Attorney– while finally stepping up to truly protect Ashlie and reunite her with her Mormon family.

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  1. amber October 7, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

    im here or you ashlie. i love you boo!!! love amber.. your ex from hallmark. ps: did you ever get my letters? ❤

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