Arlington DHS/CPS Prematurely Changes Foster Child’s Goals to Adoption To Pad Stats for the Feds

29 Apr
Arlington County, Virginia seal

Problems in Arlington Foster Care

Two Arlington DHS workers were caught redhanded in testimony in a recent case where they admitted they prematurely changed a child’s goal to “adoption” to beat a “one year” federal deadline.   The major problem with this false claim — done under oath — was that the federal deadline is 15 months, not one year!

The motivation appeared clear as the petition was filed in the 11th month, unexpectedly, after DHS had argued — as recently as one week before — that the goal be maintained for “return to home.”.

Why the discrepancy?  Why the sudden change?

A careful reading of one of the DHS employee’s testimony reveals that it was done under the claim it was to meet a reporting deadline — strongly evidencing that this child’s right to return to her family was being sacrificed so that the DHS’s stats can look better to Richmond and the Feds.

What about fatal mistake that the “federal deadline” was one year, when in fact it is 15 months?   

Two possible theories come to mind:

a) the Arlington DHS artificially works off the one year horizon because it wants to pressure its staff to get kids into the adoption system earlier — even though the Virginia DSS Manual specifically states that there are 15 months to change the goal.

b) the Arlington DHS poorly trains its employees, causing them to be misinformed and does not require that they be familiar with the Virginia DSS Manual.

Either way, it is immoral and criminal.

As for the GAL, who is there to represent the “best interests of the child,” she said nothing to correct this false statement to the Family Court Judge.

Because of this immoral and criminal action by the DHS and the GAL, the child illegally remains in foster care at an unknown location, isolated, scared, and emotionally abused by the Arlington CPS, and unnecessarily costing the taxpayer money, when she should have been reunited with her family who loves her and cares about her, as required by federal law.


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