Crimes and Misdemeanors: Victimizing the Victims and the Witnesses – Update

27 Apr

Arlington County, Virginia seal

Update: The Peoples Republic of Arlington has not taken any prosecutorial action against this brutality against these victims.   When are the Arlington County politicians going to put the welfare of Arlington’s children over the interests of its bullies.   When is it going to crackdown on the lawless Arlington CPS/DHS.   How can the Arlington County Board sleep at night knowing that this is going on!

Law enforcement agencies and their officers are thought to be upholders of the law — in fact they take an oath that they swear t do so.   Our military die in battle to protect against the tyranny of other regimes that suppress freedom and violate human rights.

This blog reported on a heinous incident on December 7, 2011, where a 12 year old foster child, Ashlie O’Brien, was beat up, and bloodied in the public hallways on the fourth floor of the Arlington County Court by a taxpayer funded Sheriff’s deputy (The Sheriff is an elected official who reports to the County manager).   All she was doing was trying to walk into a public courtroom where — the court was in recess.  She wanted to talk to her taxpayer funded Guardian Ad Litem to find out why she was not being given an opportunity to speak to the court and tell them she wanted to stay with her loving LDS/Mormon family.   There were many witnesses, including James Manship, to the brutal incident, and it was videotaped by the video cameras spread throughout the fourth floor of the courthouse.

Taking time off from helping free Ashlie Mae OBrien, George Washington (James Manship) made a guest appearance at the Virginia Governor O'Donnell's 2012 Christmas party.

Taking time off from helping free Ashlie Mae O’Brien, George Washington (James Manship) made a guest appearance at the Virginia Governor O’Donnell’s 2012 Christmas party.

So, has Arlington County done the right thing yet?  Including releasing the tapes of the incident, and prosecuting the taxpayer funded officer who used excessive force on an innocent 12 year old?  Has the Court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem spoken up on the child’s behalf to defend her?  No, no, and no….not a peep.

Instead, according to public court records, Arlington County is now attempting to prosecute the witnesses to the incident to intimidate them.

Do you see this being written about in the local press?  Nope.  They are just as scared of being victimized by these folks as the witnesses.

If we told you this was Iran, North Korea, or Burma, you would not be surprised.  But this took place inside the courthouse in Arlington County Virginia, just across the river from the Supreme Court, all at state and federal taxpayer expense.

We understand that the Virginia legislature is looking into declaring embryos persons to defend rights from conception.   How about instituting an investigation into this incident, including holding hearings, to assure that the rights of twelve year olds are protected too.

What a disservice this is to the sacrifices our military has made to fight oppression and for justice, only to have this type of thing occur with no one who is responsible appearing to care.

Delegate Dave Albo?  Sheriff Beth Arthur? Delegate Ebbin?  Senator Favola?  Arlington County Board Chair Hynes ( and Arlington County Vice Chair Tehada (  Chief Judge Newman? Governor McDonnell?  Congressman Moran? (Just to name of few of the persons who are ultimately responsible for the behavior of the Courts and their Sheriffs).   Please do something to protect your citizens and clean up what is going on here.   Right these wrongs!   This is going to be a great 60 Minutes story.

April 22, 2012 Update: Still no prosecutions of the Deputies who attacked these victims.  No evidence of justice…or interest in justice.

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One Response to “Crimes and Misdemeanors: Victimizing the Victims and the Witnesses – Update”

  1. Lisa May 3, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    And now the little girl has gone missing…since last Friday but nothing was made public until yesterday??

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