Arlington Delegate Hope: Instead of Wasting Money on More Judges, How about Saving Money With Less Wasteful Litigation that Destroys Arlington Families

15 Mar

Courthouse in Clarendon Arlington County, Virg...

The Washington Examiner reports that:

“Arlington County officials are warning that the county faces courthouse gridlock unless the Virginia General Assembly agrees to fund at least three additional judges. State lawmakers have said Arlington needs only two.

“Because of two retirements last year, there are only two judges left to hear cases in the 17th Judicial Circuit, which serves both Arlington County and Falls Church. Another judge is set to retire in May, but both the state House and Senate have opted to fund just two of those positions for next year’s budget, said state Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington.”

This rings hollow because Arlington is notorious for having a CPS that uses the court system to destroy families, and violates federal laws.   (read elsewhere on this blog).   Arlington County also wastes resources on prosecuting innocent witnesses to illegal acts by court officers (read elsewhere on this blog).

The Family court clerks office is something out of the 1800’s, and the most rudimentary elements of a modern court are missing (e.g., no automatic recording system for hearings even in the Circuit court “of record” — requiring the expense and hassle of ordering a court reporter in advance of any hearing; you cannot take a cellphone into the courthouse or even a portable laptop computer into the law library in the courthouse;  no recorders are allowed even though the virginia law explicitly states you can use your own recorder to record hearings).

It is time to combine the Arlington county and Alexandria courts, so that there can be the same efficiencies and modern features that exist in other courthouses in Virginia.  It is also time for county officials to investigate the wasteful litigation and prosecutions by the CPS and the county prosecutor.   Save money… is much better than wasting more money and ruining more lives and families.

Arlington seeks more judges, warns of court backlog | Washington Examiner


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