Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Golden Rule Does Not Apply Here

1 Feb

Go and visit the fourth floor of the Arlington Courthouse where the family court exists.   Get off the elevator, and walk around to the public waiting room.  Notice anything?

Possibly the person on your left might be the county attorney, and the person on your right, might be a Guardian Ad Litem.  Still anything unusual?

On any given day, each of those persons might issue a warning to parents about not disclosing the names of their children because it is “against the law” and they could be prosecuted for it.  Sound familiar to anyone?

Now stop looking to your sides, and look up at the that screen on the wall showing the cases for the day in this very public waiting room.  Maybe twenty or thirty might be listed at any given time.  Puzzled?

Every day the court is in session, that list appears.  But, each day the names of the very children that you were warned is illegal to disclose are listed in this very public place on a very public monitor.

Thus, every day, is the Arlington Family Court breaking the very law it accuses others of doing?   Why isn’t that county attorney and GAL giving their lecture on disclosure to the Family Court?

Other courts (including the Circuit Court on the 10th floor) do not list the names of these children when their cases are before those courts.  Why does the Arlington Family Court not do the same?  [Remember the “golden rule”]

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