Tip: Did You Know You Can Tape Record Your JDR Hearing: But try to tell that to the guards at the court

5 Jan

A party or their lawyer may tape record a general district court (JDR) hearing  Virginia Code § 16.1-69.35:2.

However, the guards at the Courthouse in Arlington won’t let anyone but virginia licensed lawyers bring a tape recorder into the building.  So, that would put the courthouse lawyers in violation of your rights to tape record your own hearings.

Will someone tell the guards at the Courthouse to stop interfering with this right?  Probably not.

Oh, and did you know that you can freely bring a recorder into any courthouse in Washington DC and Maryland — but not Arlington, Virginia, which appears to be still in the stone age.

Arlington, Virginia…a modern looking metropolis with a stone age court system that traffics innocent children and breaks apart good families.


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