Arlington Virginia Family Court Sheriff’s Deputy Assaults Harmless Child When She Begs to Testify in Her Own Case

8 Dec
Courthouse in Clarendon Arlington County, Virg...

BREAKING NEWS:  Eye witnesses report that yesterday (DECEMBER 7, 2011), Arlington County Court Deputies, bloodily, assaulted a lovely 12 year old Foster child in view of many witnesses after she did nothing more express her desire to testify that she did not want to be adopted, and she wanted to return to her family.  Observers note that this occurred while Arlington County officials who are paid to protect the child stood by and took no visible action to protect her.     The Court Deputy abuse incident — suppressing this child’s first amendment and federal right to speak to speak on her own behalf — occurred on the fourth floor of the Arlington County Court at 1425 Old Court  House Road in Arlington — where there are many video court cameras present, and the incident was no recorded, but not released because there is a criminal investigation.  Federal and/or state prosecutions are expected of the county employees involved.   Any witnesses are urged to come forward and contact the FBI and the US Attorney.

Update: there does not appear to be any attempt by the Sheriff’s department to fairly investigate the brutality incident.  Sources say that it appears that the incident is be being investigated by the very sheriff’s deputy who was involved in the incident.

More details to follow as they become available.


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