Ethics Violations In Arlington Virginia Family Court: “Damn The Bill of Rights,” Full Oppression Ahead

6 Dec

The Washington Examiner observers that you’d think a judge named in a federal lawsuit for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of litigants would be careful to avoid holding any ex parte hearings. Not Arlington Juvenile & Domestic Relations Judge Esther Wiggins.  Documents obtained by The Washington Examiner include an order signed by Wiggins and dated Oct. 4, 2011, holding a defendant “there being present” in her courtroom in contempt of court – without specifying the specific behavior that prompted punishment, as required by Virginia statute.

On Nov. 17, Nolan, a former White House ethics official and founder of the Federal Ethics Center, filed a complaint against Wiggins with Virginia’s Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission (JIRC):

“The Arlington Circuit Court appellate record reflects no court proceeding, let alone a court appearance by [my client] on October 4, 2011 to justify modification of an October 17, 2011, order by Judge Wiggins …” Who, Nolan asks, is writing Wiggins’ “erroneous orders?”  [The GAL?]

On Nov. 8, Judge Clark abruptly sealed “all notes, tapes or other transcriptions of ex parte records of the bench conference [with Judge Wiggins] during the proceedings held on the 19th day of September 2011 from 4:01:54 to 4:09:26.”, involving Judge Wiggins participating via speakerphone in a D.C. divorce/custody case involving the same defendant she held in contempt in Arlington.

Nolan’s JIRC complaint charges Wiggins with inappropriately attempting to “interfere with judicial proceedings” in his client ‘s case in D.C. and a probate proceeding in New Jersey.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:


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