Happy Thanksgiving to All the Foster Children Who Cannot Speak or Be With Their Families This Thanksgiving

24 Nov

It is remarkable that CPS agencies that receive federal funding for reuniting families, would at this time of the year, cut off foster children from their loving families — yet that is exactly what is happening in Arlington Virginia.   It must be “group think” like that which allowed the slaughter of 6 million Jews in Nazi Germany, and the atrocities of Rwanda, that allow this to happen in our modern American society.   These unimaginable atrocities against Foster Children in Arlington could not possibly be rationalized — particularly in and around the holiday season.

These sins against children’s rights by Arlington County hopefully can be forgiven by those against whom they are brought.   Perhaps those who have the power will find it in their hearts

Iwo Jima Memorial

Arlington Virginia

to make things right for these children and truly reunite them with their families.     Let’s hope they will ponder how to make good with these children and their families while each of these Arlington County officials are eating their meals with their families this thanksgiving.  Which of you will show the courage to do the right thing by these children and their families?

To those foster children who have been cut off by agencies, like the Arlington County CPS, do not give up hope, your family loves you and will keep working hard to get you back with them.   Bless you.  Amen.


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