Why are there only Democrats on the Arlington Virginia Ballot?

8 Nov

In Arlington County there is  in fact a  “one party” system — no real choice.  Going into the voting booth you have a choice of….not really…you pretty much have no choice.

Thus, it is not surprising that the county CPS and family court system is one of the worst — taking children away from good parents — to enhance the economic well-being of the county, the professionals who feed off the county CPS system, and the county CPS employees who are assured of job security with a relentless flow of illegally taken children.

When is it going to change?  When are Arlington voters going to be actually offered a choice of who hold the responsible positions in the County.  For example, House of Delegate Representative Hope was the only choice on the ballot — so, the fact that he voted in the current substandard lot of family court judges did not (and could not) hurt him.   The County Board, which should be speaking up about this problem, allows the corrupt practices to continue in Arlington.

Maybe one day this will change…when voters get a real choice in Arlington…


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