Do you think a twelve year old Arlington County child should be able to decide whether she should be with her family?

10 Sep
Arlington County, Virginia seal

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Patricia lost her mother in the 9/11 tragedy.

Hear her story and while listening ask yourself if you were a judge would you let this child decide whether she should live with her own family?

When faced with the question for a twelve year old child last Thursday, Arlington Judge Varoutsos (appointed by Dave Albo’s committee in Richmond) and Arlington officials, appear that they might have said “no.”    In that hearing, they ignored the child’s own words to the Judge (see note below).  This twelve year old young adult’s note was disingenuously described as “scribble” as if the child were a baby of two rather than twelve.     This shameful and immoral behavior by these Arlington government workers is funded by Arlington taxpayers — and has been repeated over and over again.   The Arlington Board or other Arlington Virginia officials have failed to do anything to correct this even though it has been brought to their attention many times.   Do they find this inferior quality of state employee is acceptable or tolerable?  Hard to believe anyone would….

Do you find it tolerable more than $100,000 of your tax dollars would be wasted on it!
What are Stamos and Favola going to do about it?     What is Arlington official Susanne Eisner going to do about it?  What is the Arlington County Board going to do about it?  What is Dave Albo going to do about it?
Remember this corruption the next time you go into the voting booth in Arlington.  Hold these officials accountable.

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