Why Children Die (Emotionally and/or Physically) in Foster Care — An Arlington Case Study of Stifling Foster Child From Speaking Out on Abuse

3 Sep
Courthouse in Clarendon Arlington County, Virg...

Courthouse in Clarendon Arlington County, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unfortunately, the Arlington DHS/CPS, which is overseen by the Arlington County Board, has sought to punish this child for speaking out.

Ashlie Mae O'Brien

Letter to Judge Varoutsos Pleading for Relief from Abuse and Neglect

Will Arlington Family Court Judge George Varoutsos protect this child?  Will he listen to her and address her concerns?  Will he dismiss Karen Grane as her GAL?  Will he do what is in the child’s best interests?  Or, will he reward the Arlington CPS for covering up this crime?

Why would the Arlington CPS punish this child for speaking out against exposing abuse while in Arlington County foster care, and the GAL Karin Grane’s covering it up?    If Arlington CPS punishes foster children for speaking out — what is it saying to these children?  No wonder children die in CPS care — at federal and state taxpayer expense!

How can anyone get a fair hearing in Arlington County given the corruption and mismanagement of the Arlington Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court’s clerk’s office (e.g., (“accidentally”) losing papers, denying parent’s access to copies of their children’s files, forcing persons to stand while viewing files, failing to organize and track things filed by parties, failing to assure that motions filed by parents are properly placed before the judge)?

Email (countyboard@arlingtonva.us) the Arlington County Board and tell them to stop this unlawful oppression of this child and the corruption in the Arlington County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court clerk’s office.  If they don’t change it…”throw the bums out.”  countyboard@arlingtonva.us

If you have been harmed by Arlington CPS and its workers, let us hear about it:

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Among the cast of characters involved in this case for Arlington are: Ms. Sherri Brothers, Marita Wilson, Tabatha Kelley, Tamee Gaymon, Jason McCandless, Esq. (a “supporter” of Theo Stamos, who is running for Arlington Attorney General), Karen Grane, Esq., and Judge George Varoutsos.

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