Conficts of Interests in Arlington Family Court

27 Aug
Judge Varoutsos and Conflicted CASA/SCAN

Judge Varoutsos and Conflicted CASA/SCAN

Almost everyday, the SCAN/CASA present a “secret” report to one of the two judges in Arlington Family Court – which helps determine the fate of a foster child.  SCAN/CASA is a private organization that takes funding from, among other places, the Arlington County Bar Foundation.   One of the Directors and trustees of that foundation is (or was) Judge George Varoutsos — who is the “chief judge” of the Arlington Family Court.  Thus, CASA/SCAN is under the influence of the very judges they appear before in Arlington Family Court.   This is a conflict of interest — which invalidates every decision made in any case before which a SCAN/CASA provided a report.   IT IS TIME FOR THIS UNETHICAL PRACTICE TO STOP!   In addition, Judge Varoutsos should recuse himself from every case in which SCAN/CASA participates.  Furthermore, every case in which Judge Varoutsos allowed SCAN/CASA to participate should be reheard by a judge outside of the Arlington Family Court.

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One Response to “Conficts of Interests in Arlington Family Court”

  1. notsitingidlyby February 15, 2012 at 10:42 am #

    My family is experiencing the conflict of interest as well as the unethical behavior and misconduct of the judges, gal’s social workers, and even our own court appointed lawyer, who is also a gal and evidently was the president of GLBT at one point in time. Virginia is the ONLY state without any checks and balances in place to prevent injustices like that of the peoples republic of Arlington. The gestapo seems to be interested in removing good children from good homes regardless of legalities or harm they cause. .

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