Delores Heffernan Denied Due Process By Courts Snatching Child

14 Jul
Delores O'Brien Heffernan Photo

Delores Heffernan

The Examiner reports that the Arlington Family Court ignored the Motion to Continue a critical hearing even though 66 year old Ms. Delores O’Brien Heffernan was unable to attend.   Ignoring due process at the June 30, 2011 hearing, the Court proceeded — moving one step closer to the pre-determined objective of Arlington CPS to snatch her child away from her family (her natural mother, grandmother, and sister) at federal taxpayer expense on August 4, 2011.   Under federal law, the objective is  supposed to be reunification of the child and its family. The Federal Government pays money for this to be so.  But, seems like its the opposite here with this anti-family action by Arlington County — at federal taxpayer expense, with Montgomery County actively helping in a coordinated effort to push it in this unlawful direction.   The Arlington Family Court won’t even allow the parties to be accompanied in the courtroom by their bishop for support.

Read More:

Grandmother Delores Heffernan’s story exposes lack of due process in courts (Washington Examiner)

John McCarthy, Maryland State’s Attorney
Case No. 1118204
Montgomery County Circuit Court
50 Courthouse Square
Rockville, Maryland  20850

[If you wish to contact Ashlie’s 68 year old Grandmother Delores O’Brien Heffernan, she can be reached at (240)483-6456] or by email at]


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