CW’s Observation About Corruption in Arlington County Selling Children

28 Jan

CW: “I find it a rude slap in the face of justice that Esther Wiggins was re-appointed to the bench of Arlington County‘s Domestic Relations Court. She is so egregiously biased against parents, who are often, if not always, falsely accused of “child abuse” or “neglect” by hair-trigger anti-social workers, who are seemingly told by the County to kidnap any child in sight, to bring more federal subsidies and “matching funds” to Arlington County. It matters not that any genuine “child neglect” or “abuse” actually has occurred, all that matters is that the allegations stick and that a carefully contrived case barely meeting the letter of the law (but not the spirit of justice). These machinations appear constructed by a carefully coached and secretly colluding crew, including CPS bureaucrats, anti-social “social workers” under them, the guardian ad litems (lawyers paid for, selected and assigned by counties to supposedly represent the “best interests” of the child), the Domestic Relations Judges, and various shady county-hired psychologists, who unerringly support CPS allegations to the hilt by fudging court-ordered psychological evaluations. Nancy Hey, mentioned in the above editorial, was falsely and inaccurately diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome, a severe form of autism. In fact she is only very mildly autistic, on the most functional portion of the autism spectrum. Three privately hired psychologists and psychiatrists effectively demolished this false diagnosis from a Dr. Giselle Hass, as revealed by one of the DC Examiner‘s past editorials. Getting back to Esther Wiggins, she is all too ready to believe any allegations of child neglect, and I can only conclude that it is because she works under the secret orders and agenda of the County’s CPS agency. Alex Jones, most popular Internet political talk show host has stories revealing what appears to be a network of secret child adoption auctions, whereby would-be adoptive parents are given lists and descriptions of children taken by CPS, or about to be taken by CPS, and cash payments are allegedly doled out to principal conspirators, including judges, lawyers and CPS workers. Frankly, the public should demand that the FBI and/or some objectively created investigative team thoroughly shine a light into the dark inner sanctums and dark agendas of CPS and its bought-and-paid-for operatives. This is a true crisis, throughout the USA and the western world, the alleged guardians of “democracy” and “due process”.”
Read more at the San Francisco Examiner

Comment: There appears to be certain detectives and/or other individuals in the Montgomery County Police Department who are racketeering with Arlington County to steal children from parents.


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