Freedom of Speech Should Never Be Denied, Whether by Terrorists or Governments #jesuischarlie

8 Jan

Just as ignorant barbaric terrorists seek to silence those who speak out,


so do some in Arlington DHS and the Family Court’s abuse their power to silence parents.

Merry Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

20 Dec

“Merry Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” to our readers, including Ashlie Mae O’Brien and her family.

Arlington (Finally) Abandons $333 Million Streetcar Idea

18 Nov

Arlington County has pulled the plug on the planned $333 million streetcar plan in the crowded Columbia Pike corridor.  Arlington County Board Chairman Jay Fisette says he can no longer ignore the will of the people. Earlier this month, a Democratic candidate for the board who supported the streetcar was defeated— despite the fact that Democrats won on every other race in Arlington.

“I believe that debating the streetcar issue further with continued discord and dueling facts will not serve our community and will distract us from addressing other pressing issues,” Fisette said.

Great..for the people of Arlington.   Now, let’s fix up the Family Court system and the Arlington Department of Human Services so Arlington families are kept together and not destroyed at the taxpayer’s expense.

Streetcars Are Not Modern Transportation, Take It From those Who Live With Them Every Day

17 Nov

“Whenever I open the newspaper again and again there are accidents,”  says Rainer Hasters, who lives in West Berlin. “Streetcars running over pedestrians, bumping into other cars. In my opinion it’s a higher rates of accidents. I am extremely careful and cautious if I go by car into East Berlin and even see a streetcar close by.”

Businessman Ivers Pierre says he believes the American push for more streetcars is more about making money than helping commuters.  “Instead of making things faster to resolve things, it’s making it worse instead,” says Pierre. “It’s not resolving anything. It’s just some people, I would say, some investors who are thinking about making money and they just want to build on the street line so they can get profit out of it and make life more expensive to people.”

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