Dont Forget to Vote, Arlington

9 Apr


Getting High At Taylor Elementary School

5 Dec

taylorelementaryTwo Arlington physical education teachers at Taylor Elementary School have been charged with marijuana possession.   The two were suspended from Taylor Elementary School.   A drug-sniffing dog found narcotics in the desks of the teachers. Two unnamed informants told police the teachers were “regularly using marijuana in the school building throughout the school day,”

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The Dark History and Present of Nazis in Arlington VA

28 Aug

The leader of the American Nazi party lived and assasinated in Arlington.  Read more:  Nazis in Arlington



There are still Nazi worshippers in Arlington.  Read more: Present Day Arlington Nazis.




Foster Care as Punishment

21 Jul


From the New York Times:

“In interviews, dozens of lawyers working on these cases say the removals punish parents who have few resources. Their clients are predominantly poor black and Hispanic women, they say, and the criminalization of their parenting choices has led some to nickname the practice: Jane Crow.”

“Even short-term removals that are reversed can have lasting effects on vulnerable children. It “poses a pretty big threat to their development,” said Kristin Bernard, an assistant professor of psychology at Stony Brook University. A brief stay in foster care like that of Ms. Joefield’s daughter, Deja, can profoundly upset family life.”

Sounds like Arlington CPS….

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