Arlington County DHS Thinks These Type of Medicaid Funded Institutions Are Better for Your Child

31 Jul

As readers of this blog are painfully aware, Arlington County DHS engages in Medicaid Fraud in order to send normal children to secure jail-like psychiatric institutions in order to isolate them from the children’s families.   To give you an idea of the hell that these children are put through by this unlawful practice — at taxpayer expense — watch this film which captures the experiences of one child in such an institution.

Call the Virginia Governor’s office, Virginia Attorney General’s office, and your Delegate, State Senator, Congressman and Senator’s offices and tell them that you demand that Arlington DHS stop this abuse.

Its time to stop this madness.

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This Is Just Like (Incompetent/Corrupt/Vindictive) Arlington CPS and Family Court

30 Jul

Alot of stories we hear from Arlington parents sound like this person’s story. Quotas and other corruption explain why the Arlington CPS and Arlington Family Courts seem so intent on taking children away from families for the most innocuous and bogus claims. Arlington needs to reform its CPS now before any more families and children’s lives are destroyed.

United Nations Call to Action

27 Jul

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Quick action needed by August 1, 2015

 California Protective Parents Association is working with Cindy Dumas and her new organization, The Women’s Coalition, on making a claim (petition) to the United Nations regarding women’s rights that are being routinely violated, causing them to lose and/or not be able to protect their children.

Just fill out a brief, user-friendly form which takes about 15 minutes.

 1. Go to
2. You will see the UN Petition.
3. Click on the middle top arrow “Download”, located just above the document.
4. You will see the Word document titled UN Petition at the bottom of the page.
5. Click on the UN Petition Word document.
6. Enter your information into the text boxes. (The first 2 pages are required.)
7. Save the completed Word document to your computer.
8. Attach and email the form to

If you don’t…

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16 Jul
Judge Esther Wiggins of Arlington Family Court

Judge Esther Wiggins of Arlington Family Court

None too soon….If you hear a collective sigh of relief among Arlington’s parents and children, there is good reason for it…

After years of complaints by parents and children to the folks in Richmond, Judge Esther Wiggins informed members of the delegation that she would not seek election by the General Assembly to a new six-year term in 2016.  

The county’s legislative delegation will work in tandem with the judicial-selection committee of the Arlington County Bar. The process “will begin soon,” said Del. Patrick Hope (D-47th), with members of the Arlington Bar having the chance to vote on the qualifications of prospective candidates.

“That process should be complete by the end of October or thereabouts,” Hope said. “Then, the Arlington and Falls Church delegation will conduct our own judicial interviews of the candidates.”

The delegation is likely to put forward a single candidate for consideration by the legislature.

Let Del. Hope know your views on this move and also possible replacements.  His email is:

We hope that her replacement will improve significantly the quality of the Arlington Family Courts.

Read more: Sun Gazette on Resignation of Judge Wiggins

Background: Arlington Gets Stuck With Antifamily Judge Esther Wiggins because of Richmond RepsArlington Family Court Judge Wiggins Under Fire at Reappointment Interview (CNN Report)